417 recruitment agency specialising in rural jobs across Australia.

Our agency provides full time and casual staff to a range of clients within Agriculture and Hospitality.

417 Recruitment is a small business who work closely with our clients to find the perfect placement. Every candidate will go through an interview process which can include Skype calls. All Visas will be checked through the Government database. If the candidate’s Visa, reference and interview is positive, we will send it to the client. If the employer is happy with the candidate we will send them an employment offer for the candidate with a free download of our PDF document you can use as a contract for them. Each client we refer will receive a follow up call to ensure the expectations of the role are met and that they’re happy in employment. 417’s probation period is 2 weeks from employment commencement (terms and conditions apply).This is for yourself and 417 to ensure the employment arrangement is suitable, and a full refund may be offered depending on the terms of departure.

All jobs are posted on our website and other social platforms which include Facebook, Gumtree, Twitter, linkedIn and Instagram.

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“Quick and easy to use, the last harvest went great and I highly recommend.”

- Rod (Wyalkatchem)