Our aim is to help backpackers across the country find work suited to their requirements as from previous experience, we understand this can be difficult and we want this to be easy and stress free for like minded travellers.

If you are looking for permanent or seasonal farm work in Australia, then look no further. 417 is dedicated in providing a service to backpackers across the country. Whether you’re already on your travels, or planning on making the trip over, we can assist in getting you the right placement. We understand making the trip can be difficult and it’s our job to ensure you are comfortable in making the move, and most importantly that you enjoy your time in employment.

The Team

Harrison Fell

Harrison Fell


Harrison has worked on farms all over Australia. Mainly focusing on Seeding and harvest, over the last couple years he has gained respect and friends with many farmers in WA. This gave him the idea to set up a quick, easy and reliable service for workers on a 417 sub-class visa. Harrison has also worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years. And luckily had the chance to work with some of the top chefs in the UK.

“Quick and easy to use, the last harvest went great and I highly recommend.”

- Rod (Wyalkatchem)